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New Zealand: Wellington Bureau Chief - WBD

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Wellington Bureau Chief - WBD

New Zealand

The Wellington Bureau Chief is a key leader at Newshub, managing a pool of reporters and assigning stories. The Bureau Chief works with the Director of Newsgathering and with the other news leaders to provide quality, engaging news content using the resources of the Wellington newsroom and Parliamentary Gallery.

This is a central role in news planning and gathering through the day, commissioning and assigning stories to reporters as well as checking scripts and stories to ensure content is of a high standard. There is a strong mentoring component, and the Bureau Chief will use their own long experience of broadcast newsgathering to encourage and guide staff.

This role is part of the News Leadership Team, and will be responsible with that group for forming news strategy, influencing policy around crucial matters such as health and safety and editorial stance. The Wellington Bureau Chief is also responsible for managing costs to budget and the business management of the bureau.

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