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London, UK: Correspondent - TRT World

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Correspondent - TRT World

London, UK

We are looking for a dynamic and experienced journalist to help lead an agenda-setting news file from United Kingdom, a NATO member and a pivotal regional power with outsized influence in European and Middle Eastern security. Failure of consecutive governments to respond to challenges like Covid 19, Brexit and global economic crises left Britain in political turmoil. Short lived governments put the UK’s future in uncertainty, shifting it away from Europe. The death of Queen Elizabeth II reignited the debate about the future of the monarchy, as many people questioned it as a way of rule from the Middle Ages in a modern World. We are seeking an individual with strong writing and reporting skills with the ability to deliver deep-dive enterprise stories. At the same time provide support to our high-performing team as they embark on the coverage of major issues such as the Scottish Government’s pursuit of independence and the threat it poses to the unity of the U.K., runaway inflation and a battered pound combining to further endanger Britain’s unstable political situation.

U.K. is one of the world's most important markets. Its economy, politics, diplomacy and fragile politics are of huge interest to financial and media clients as well as readers on our own dotcom and digital platforms.

U.K. is a complex and fast-moving story. The successful candidate will be a strong reporter and writer with an eye for a compelling narrative and an ability to cut through an often-confusing picture to tell a well-contexted and balanced story, capturing the political and economic significance of events and their international ramifications. The London Correspondent will also team up with our reporters in Washington and Istanbul to originate and develop longer-form enterprise and investigative stories.

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