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Berlin, Germany: Eastern Europe Planning Producer - Ruptly

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Eastern Europe Planning Producer - Ruptly

Berlin, Germany

A Planning Producer does what the name suggests; plans ahead, reacts to news before it hits the headlines. Planning Producers constantly scan sources (including social media) for news stories worth covering, ranging from planned protests to… green cats and from rocket launches to controversial events that rarely garner the attention of mainstream media until it’s too late.

A planning producer needs to be able to manage a small team of people and determine what resources need to be deployed in any given circumstance, be it potential clashes or war-zone like situations, in a quick and cost-effective way. Combining a highly developed knowledge of international news with superb organizational skills, the Planning Producer monitors all forms of media, generates future story ideas, develops contacts with organizations, newsmakers and freelancers in order to always be on top of developments and ready with a plan of action.

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