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New York, USA: Senior Producer, News Now - NBC

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Senior Producer, News Now - NBC

New York, USA


We are all about making stuff. New stuff. Mold-breaking stuff. And we are setting out to invent a new kind of news channel for a rising generation of news junkies. OTT. On all the time. Live news of the highest quality. Authentic. Voicy. Not extreme. No shouting allowed. Unexpected. Maybe even funny sometimes. But always informative and always stories well-told.

There are tens of millions of people who need the news but who don’t have cable. The Internet is great…Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, apps, websites all help but when the news breaks, I mean really breaks, a newsfeed just doesn’t quite cut it, does it? Facts happen in real-time, so the news should too. And text is for tomorrow when you’ve got a few minutes to spare. Video is for now.

Inventing a new channel requires a new kind of leadership. Creative, untethered to the tried and true but knows a best practice or two that’s worth following. Fearless, deeply journalistic, a story-teller, a coach, a ballplayer. Curious doesn’t even begin to describe you. Experienced? You’ve navigated the evolving media landscape, by being on the front-line … always pushing the envelope. A live news beast – who thrives in the control room. You’re a writer too you say?! Wow!

If inventing the future of news sounds like a good reason to get out of bed and go to work in the morning (and we mean really early in the morning), then take a look at the nitty gritty bullets below and get in touch. Resumes are helpful, sure, but seeing your work is what it’s all about. And if your current body of work so far doesn’t paint the right picture of you, then make us something else. But hurry. We’ve got a lot to do.

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