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Italy: Eurovision Italy - Senior Systems Engineer - Eurovision Italy


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Eurovision Italy - Senior Systems Engineer - Eurovision Italy 


Closing Date: 25th July 2024

Eurovision Italy (EI) is a fully owned subsidiary the EBU and plays a critical role in supporting the EBU’s activities in Italy, Vatican City and globally. Eurovision Italy’s core activities include:

Providing technical broadcast services to EBU Members and other media organizations. These “in-house Members” are based in our leased office space in Rome.
Supporting the Eurovision News Exchange with content from Italy and the Vatican, from EBU members, other media and through our own newsgathering. The News Exchange has shared video news content between its Members since 1961. It draws on the newsgathering resources of 70 EBU Members, sublicensees and media partners worldwide. It is currently piloting a digital news content exchange.
Working for Eurovision News Events in the region and worldwide. This team provides broadcast support services for TV, radio and digital platforms, serving the needs of the international news community. Services currently include support for breaking news and planned event coverage. They also partner with event organisers to support the needs of the news media. NB Eurovision Italy is the preferred partner for providing Eurovision News Events services for the international travels of the Pope and for major papal events at the Vatican.
Providing network services to Eurovision Services (a former subsidiary of the EBU, now a separate company).
Maintaining and strengthening the EBU’s relationship with EBU Members RAI and Vatican Radio, as well as with Vatican Media.

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