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Geneva, Switzerland: On-call News Producer - EBU


Job Vacancy: 
On-call News Producer - EBU

Geneva, Switzerland

Closing Date: 5th May 2024

Working within an international team of News Producers and Sub-Editors, led by News Editor, the news producer handles the content and delivery of the news exchange and is responsible for implementing the News Editors' decisions.

The On-call News Producer :
  • Ensures that active participants in the news exchange system receive the content they require and get the best value out of the news exchange.
  • May on occasion be assigned to special events field operations or other newsroom /EBU projects occasionally.
News Coordination :
  • Edits video and audio, working autonomously or under the direction of News Editor.
  • Operates video servers and technical equipment as well as IT systems and databases.
  • Edits, corrects and supplements written texts provided by Members and third parties.
  • Can perform various roles on the news desk: day, overnight and week-ends producer, subeditor, digital producer.
  • Consistently ensures that the most appropriate and up-to-date visual images and information are available for programmes and services.
  • Produces and manages complex stories ensuring essential elements of the news are captured and distributed.
  • Provides the News Producers, the EVC, Members, users and contributors with all necessary information (satellite details, schedules, restrictions, synopsis… for the News) and in accordance with the EVN rules.
  • Delivers quality, well produced items for use by all programmes and services.
  • Occasionally responsible for creation of EBU own content at major events.
  • Understands the technical and digital changes in the broadcast world and is able to adjust to them.

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