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Doha, Qatar: Sr. Engineer Broadcast Solution - Al Jazeera


Job Vacancy: 
Sr. Engineer Broadcast Solution - Al Jazeera

Doha, Qatar

Contract: 12 Months Fixed Term

A Broadcast/Studio Engineer who has experience with Video wall and LED technologies to work with a 24/7 Support Studio Operations team.

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Experienced AV Specialist Responsibilities & Skills
  • Support 24/7 studio operations with extensive broadcast engineering and AV production knowledge.
  • troubleshoot LED Videowall issues and participate in project work.
  • Manage LED Videowall systems, perform repairs, and ensure safe work practices.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to LED Videowall technologies, integrated systems, controllers, processors, and graphics for live broadcast studio production (e.g., Handle BAU fault calls, service requests, and planned changes for preventive and corrective maintenance, ensuring end-to-end resolution of complex cases.)
  • Participate in project work, including setting up event venues, and be available to work offsite and outside regular office hours.
  • Maintain detailed knowledge and documentation of LED Videowall systems, producing high-level schematics. Review daily reports, perform repairs, and initiate scheduled maintenance and refurbishment. - Manage consumables inventory reports and alert management to necessary purchases to ensure spare parts are well-stocked.
  • Ensure safe work practices, operating conditions, and adherence to safety protocols, leading to maintaining a secure environment.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the management.

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