Reuters launches Spanish-language online video service for Latin American clients

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, announces the launch of Spanish Video Reports, a new online video service developed specifically for Latin American consumer audiences.

The new service gives publishers access to the most engaging and topical stories of the day, covering local and international news, entertainment and sports in a flexible format that reduces production time for the client. All videos are voiced-over in Spanish with a range of accents to suit local markets, and specially edited and produced for online use.

The service includes delivery of 10-15 videos each day, carefully selected by Reuters editors at local bureaus in the United States and across Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Each video is delivered in ‘raw’ edits so they can be easily adapted to a publisher's specific online editorial style, a format which can save up to 45 minutes in production time per video. The videos are no longer than two minutes in length, and formatted to incorporate pre-roll and post-roll advertising.

Owen Wyatt
Owen Wyatt, Head of Video at Reuters, says: “We’re aware that collaboration, service and support are vital to success in an increasingly competitive and volatile global marketplace. All our new online video products reinforce this approach. We’re reducing the production time and resources required on our clients’ side, and helping them become more cost-effective by curating and delivering timely content in ready-to-publish formats, as well as offering them valuable new opportunities to monetise content on their websites.”

This service is part of Reuters' ongoing investment and global strategy to increase its local language product offerings. In 2010 Reuters launched the Reuters Arabic News Video service, followed by the German News Video service in 2011, empowering clients in the Middle East and Germany to deliver international breaking news stories faster than ever. Further local language product launches from Reuters are in development for 2012 and beyond.
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