Broadcast Services company launches in London with global ambitions

A former AP executive has launched his own broadcast services company offering live transmission and production facilities at different locations around the world. In addition, the new company, TIMA, plans to offer original video news content to its clients.

Alla Salehian
Alla Salehian
Alla Salehian - formerly Director of AP's Global Media Services and, previous to that, managing editor of MBC - intends that the new company becomes a major player in the industry.

Initially it has live broadcast studios with crewing and editing in London, Washington DC and Sana’a in Yemen. Within the next few weeks, similar facilities will be opening in Islamabad, New York, Cairo, Beirut and Paris.

In London - the headquarters of the new company - the facilities provide everything TV journalists require for producing live news reports or packages. Alla said, "We're basically a base for international journalists to come and work here. We have 22 desks and fully connected 100Mb/s fibre broadband. As a bureau facility we provide all the crewing, editing, content production support as well as studio facilities. We're replicating that around the world.”

In addition, TIMA is focusing on creating and selling original news video content with an emphasis on the Middle East where many of its initial clients are based. “At the moment the Middle East is in the news,” said Alla. “It's very important and also it's a very difficult area in which to manoeuvre and that's where we have a lot of expertise. We have a lot of contacts and we can get permission to operate where a lot of others can't.”

He added, “From a content point of view, that's the area that we can see ourselves being able to excel and show what we can do. We are providing services globally but we will be providing a lot of content from the Middle East. We're in the process of setting up and producing original content and hopefully getting some exclusive content from Syria and other places which we will then distribute to customers."

TIMA's bureau in London
As well as having its own staff crews, the company will rely on trusted freelancers and it hopes too to receive user-generated content.

Alla explained, "We're currently creating an App whereby we will hopefully be a destination for people with user-generated content to upload their video."

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