SatLink purchases new HD Playout Centre

SatLink Communications Ltd., a leading teleport delivering content to every corner of the world, has announced that it is enhancing its service and product offering with the opening of a new HD Playout Centre in the heart of the broadcast district in Tel
Aviv, Israel. The Playout centre strengthens SatLink’s provision of global satellite transmission services by offering content management, digital archival, content localisation, disaster recovery and OTT services to their existing and acquired customer base.

The Playout centre has been purchased from MTVS Studios, one of Israel’s leading television production facilities providers. It delivers playout and content management services to Israeli and international customers such as Disney, NTV-MIR, ESPN and others. The HD Playout centre is connected to SatLink’s state-of-the-art teleport facilities via fully redundant SDH based fibres from two different suppliers using different routes to offer global content distribution over satellite, fibre or IP communication channels.

SatLink is making a significant investment in upgrading the facility and installing the latest technology, hardware and infrastructure to provide reliable and cost effective playout, content management, digital archival and over the top solutions. The new centre is located underground to ensure maximum disaster recovery capabilities. It will offer a gateway to Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Europe and the Americas for worldwide broadcasters looking to extend their international audience reach. Customers will also have the choice of opting for a fully managed, remotely controlled, hosted, or co-located service to manage the playout and distribution of content.

David Hochner, SatLink’s CEO commented: “The new HD playout centre complements our current offerings and is part of our ongoing strategy to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for international broadcasters requiring high quality end-to-end production, content management, transmission and distribution solutions. The centre will allow both international and local broadcasters to reach viewers using a fast, reliable and proven solution and help channels entering new markets, such as the rapidly growing African, Eastern European and Asian regions, to create regionalised feeds and content. This is another demonstration of the continued growth of SatLink and how we are taking proactive steps in providing the most up to date facilities, services and solutions to broadcasters across the globe.”

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