Antenne Réunion Television utilise Quicklink Studio to introduce high-quality remote guests into live broadcasts

 Swansea, January 2023: Antenne Réunion Television, a private generalist channel that broadcasts from the island of Réunion, have chosen to adopt Quicklink Studio (ST55) for introducing high-quality remote guests, into their live broadcast production programmes.

Antenne Reunion TV uses Quicklink Studio solution.
Quicklink’s award-winning remote guests solutions were first adopted by Antenne Réunion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, consumer solutions such as Zoom and Skype were used, however Antenne Réunion soon required a professional solution for gathering high-quality remote guest contributions. Quicklink Studio (ST55) was therefore chosen as a reliable way of introducing remote guests in broadcast-grade quality, and has since become a staple within their day-to-day programmes.

“Previously Skype and Zoom had been used in many special edition productions. These tools had shown their limitations in production workflows, and were simply not designed for the world of broadcasting,” said Anthony Vingadassalom of Antenne Réunion Television.

Youshaa Hassenjee, Editor-in-Chief added: "Quicklink Studio adds significant value over other tools we have used. Our guests are free from the constraint of downloading software, they can simply join using a web link.”

One of the key advantages of the Quicklink Studio (ST55) is the simple on-boarding of remote guests. With no apps or software required, guests can easily join using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Utilising the Assisted Invite feature, remote guests are automatically pre-screened, set-up and tested to go into a live environment through a series of step-by-step instructions.

“The ability to professionally incorporate remote guests using the Quicklink solutions have added more possibilities to our live productions. It allows us to get closer with our audience and brings more opportunities for editorials.” added Anthony Vingadassalom.

The Quicklink Manager provides Antenne Réunion with the highest level of control over their remote guests. From the Quicklink Manager, all aspects of the guests can be remotely controlled, including camera/microphone/speakers selection, resolution, audio mode/gain and more.

Using the Quicklink Studio (ST55), discrete high-quality audio and HD video can be received from remote guests within a point-to-point, or group conference workflow. The Quicklink solutions have introduced more editorial opportunities for Antenne Réunion, and are used daily to introduce remote guests.
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