AKB invests in new broadcast equipment for its operations in Pakistan

Islamabad, February 2022: Broadcast services provider, AKB, is updating its camera equipment to include the Sony FX6 and the Canon C300. The company is also creating a new live broadcast studio.

AKB's Ali Kaifee said the intention is to offer international clients the best quality equipment for the shooting of broadcast productions in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Ali, who set up AK Broadcasts in 2019, has more than 20 years' experience in satellite broadcasting, live broadcasts, big budget productions and creating television studios. The company covers the region equipped with a fleet of SNG satellite trucks and LiveU video transmission units. It also offers live studios, editing, ENG crews and facilitating broadcasters with visas, fixers and security.

The company's achievements include being first on the ground in Kabul for the German broadcaster ARD after the Taliban take over; a documentary episode for Al-Jazeera Arabic with Ola Al Fares on prime minister Imran Khan; the Middle East eye with Peter Osborne and a Live show out of Islamabad with Becky Anderson for CNN.

Website : www.akb.com.pk

AKB Islamabad - broadcast studio interview.
CNN broadcasts live.
Ali Kaifee who runs AKB.
Ali Kaifee, AKB 

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