A mobile studio for interviewing guests is launched by Newscamera in Berlin

Berlin, May, 2021: Newscamera has introduced a new service to give TV broadcasters the opportunity to broadcast interviews from experts or politicians using a mobile studio.

Newscamera offers a mobile TV live broadcast studio in Berlin and Germany.
Due to the pandemic, it is no longer easy to invite guests to studios. Corporate policies also often prevent their employees from travelling. Therefore "mobile interviewstudio" can drive to the guests' homes or to their offices offering them the minimum of disruption to their working day. The guest sits down in the studio shortly before the scheduled broadcast and can go back to work immediately afterwards.

The studio is equipped with professional lighting and audio technology. The broadcast is carried out with the help of LiveU. IFB can be established either with the LiveU unit or via a moblie phone. A KaSat system guarantees transmission in areas with poor cell phone reception.

The guest sits in front of a 65" monitor, on which any graphics, images or logos can be displayed. The transmission gives a broadcast-quality studio look. 

The mobile interviewstudio is operational 24/7 throughout Germany and nearby countries.

Newscamera is a one-man band with full kit to realize ENG, live broadcasts and multi-camera productions working for all major broadcasters in Germany as well as CNBC and NBC for example.


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