In memory of AP journalist, Kerem Lawton, killed in Kosovo in 2001

 London, March 2021: Kerem Lawton, a young journalist sadly lost his life on March 29, 2001 in Kosovo hit by stray shrapnel while covering the war. He was only 30 years old.

Kerem Lawton Kerem's mother, Nevim
  Kerem  Kerem's mother, Nevim

Monday March 29th was the 20th anniversary of Kerem’s loss for his family and friends. They were not able to visit his resting place at Richmond Cemetery as they have been doing for the past 20 years because of travel restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Kerem’s father, John Lawton, who is a renowned journalist, documentary producer and writer, his mother Nevim Lawton and the Kayabal family, close and long standing friends and colleagues of the Lawtons gave their thoughts for Kerem from Turkey.

“I miss you beyond words can express. I named my son Kerem after you,” wrote Ferit Kayabal who grew up together with Kerem since childhood.

Although all our thoughts were with Kerem on March 29, this year, it was a quiet day at the Richmond Cemetery.

-- Submitted by Bedri Kayabal of BBA

Kerem with Prime Minister Ecevit
Kerem started Journalism with BBA. He is seen here with Turkey's Prime Minster Ecevit after
an exclusive interview for WTN.
Tara, Kerem's daughter Kerem's grave
  When Kerem died, his wife Elida was
  pregnant with Tara.
   She took this photo of her father's grave in
Anniversary of Kerem Lawton's death
Nevim Lawton, Bedri Kayabal's grand daughter, Zubeyde, and John Lawton
Kerem Lawton - anniversary
Bedri and his daughter Zeynep

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