Bright Spark Studios introduce remote contributors with Quicklink Studio

 Swansea, UK October 2020: Bright Spark Studios, a video production and live streaming company, have adopted the Quicklink Studio solution for introducing remote contributors into virtual events.

Ouicklink supplies a live streaming video solution.
Due to COVID-19, live events have been abruptly paused with many organisers deciding to take their events online. Bright Spark Studios made the decision to invest in Quicklink Studio solutions to have the ability to offer remote contributions for inclusion in remote, virtual events.

ONE Event is a Christian festival which was due to run from 27th-31st of August. Due to the UK restrictions around COVID-19, the physical event could not take place, however event organisers were determined to still deliver the event in a virtual manner. As a result, Bright Spark Studios were enlisted as part of the small socially distanced production crew to provide the remote contributions using the Quicklink Studio solutions.

As part of the ONE Event, the Quicklink Studio was utilised to create contribution links for various speakers and guests appearing in the programme.

“At the heart of the studio was an interview area with a large screen. The SDI output of the Quicklink ST100 was input into a vision mixer to display the guests either on the large screen in the studio or as programme output for delivery. The studio audio mix was returned to the ST100 so the guests could hear the programme prior to going live. The event producer was also able to speak with the guest when the call was first connected to ensure they were at ease” explained Andrew Deptford of Bright Spark Studios.

“Eight contributors from the UK, Spain and US were able to connect with the programme using the Quicklink Studio. Initially, it was planned that only 1 remote guest (keynote) would connect using the Quicklink solutions. However, due to the quality and ease of use ultimately, all guests to the programme were connected by Quicklink” continued Andrew Deptford of Bright Spark Studios.

The Quicklink Studio (ST55) enables Bright Spark Studios to gather high-quality remote contributions from a laptop or mobile device with no apps or software installations required.

Contributors can be invited by an operator to contribute via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a shareable URL link. From the Quicklink Manager, the operator is then able to remotely control and configure the contributor’s device camera, microphone, speaker settings, resolution, data bandwidth and latency if required.

Andrew continued: “We have previously used Zoom for remote contribution, but the video and sound quality of Quicklink was a lot better”

Bright Spark Studios have many more planned virtual events throughout the remainder of 2020 and going into 2021 using the Quicklink Studio (ST55) to introduce remote contributors.

Andrew also added: “With our two Quicklink ST100’s we can also offer low-latency point-to-point links between venues, to deliver high quality video and audio for clients”
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