TVU Networks adds audio mixing feature to cloud-based TVU Producer for broadcast-quality virtual production

 Mountain View, CA, August 2020: Based upon extensive customer feedback, TVU Networks has added an audio mixing panel as a feature to its popular cloud-based live video production software TVU Producer. With TVU Producer, novice or experienced video producers can remotely produce multi-camera live events with zero latency – even when using smartphones as production cameras.

TVU Producer adds audio mixing feature.
“Our new Audio Mixing Panel has been a highly requested feature of TVU Producer, which enables anyone to produce professional video without expensive equipment or training,” said TVU Networks’ CEO Paul Shen. “The Audio Mixing Panel enables an audio production crew to manage audio production from a separate location than video production. The mixing function is extremely easy to use and gives the audio operator full control over program audio. As part of our continued expansion of remote production capabilities, this is one more piece that enables all crew – whether they’re a graphic artist, video or audio production crew, instant replay operator, commentator, or producer – to be part of a professional production operating from a safe location such as their homes.”

TVU Producer’s Audio Mixer Panel feature adds familiar audio mixing capabilities to TVU Producer. With a simple, browser-based UI, operators have full control of all audio signals from their home. With touch-screen tablet computers, users can operate the Audio Mixer Panel via touch. With TVU’s patented time synchronization technology, the solution provides zero latency execution of production commands, as well perfect synchronization between audio and video, while crews operate remotely and safely from their own locations.

TVU Producer has been widely used for a wide range of applications, such as: live sports, live news, corporate communication production, concerts, and house of worship services. It enables production and streaming to social media channels, websites and web streaming platforms, as well delivery to traditional SDI infrastructure without any hardware, software or training. This service enables media organizations to produce content during the pandemic, while keeping production crews safe. Major TV stations have used TVU Producer as a backup production solution, in the event production crews are evacuated from their facility.

TVU Producer can accept any standard IP video sources (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTP, RTSP, UDP, etc), as well SDI signal via any IP encoder, or TVU transmitter. It can use any mobile device as a camera via the TVU Anywhere app. TVU Producer enables anyone to produce fully professional live video without hardware, safely from home.

Integrated within TVU Producer is TVU Partyline™, which enables production personnel, talent and tools to collaborate remotely in real time with full HD video quality and perfectly synchronized audio and video. With TVU Partyline, all participants can achieve a unique level of communication and interaction from remote locations as though they were in the same physical location while producing live and pre-recorded programming.
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