Former Reuters TV journalist pays tribute to 'humble agency journalists' as author

 Phnom Penh, July 2020: A former Reuters TV journalist is paying tribute to his agency colleagues – but this time as an author.

Glen Felgate: From Phnom Penh with Love
Glen Felgate, who used to work as a producer and editor for Reuters TV in the 90s, has published a heartfelt tribute to his former agency colleagues on his new website He says his post forms the basis for a memoir that he is currently writing which is expected to be published later this year.

“Its been a work in progress for the past 20 years since I left Reuters,” Felgate says. “Rather than focusing on the painful memories – of which there are quite a few, I have tried to show the heartfelt camaraderie and dedication that we, as agency journalists, shared.”

Felgate, who has just published his first book From Phnom Penh with Love on Amazon Kindle which is loosely based on his exploits setting up TV channels in Cambodia, is also working on another ‘fictionalised’ account of his recent time in Myanmar. He says that, unlike his other two works, his TV memoir will be ‘as is’.

“It has taken me a long time to write the memoir because it has taken me a long time to come to terms with the loss of some of our colleagues who sadly died in the course of their agency work,” Felgate adds. “I want the book to be a tribute to my fallen colleagues as well as those still working.”

“If anything, my publication of From Phnom Penh with Love, has been a trial run leading up to the memoir,” Felgate continues.

If you want to see more of Glen’s tributes to his agency colleagues or more about his book From Phnom Penh with Love go to -
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