Paris Television Centre relies on high-quality video shooting

John Cressey

John Cressey believes one of the main reasons his company – Paris Television Centre (PTC) – has flourished in the highly-competitive TV news business is that he won’t compromise on video shooting standards.

Since 1997 PTC has been supplying camera crews, editing and transmission facilities in Paris to a multitude of foreign broadcasters that now number 190.

“My background was as a Director of Photography; I’ve shot about eight feature films (including as a film assistant to Oscar-winning Nestor Almenros),” said John. “So my background is image and I’m still a passionate defender of the quality of pictures.”

The discipline and rigour of film-making learnt during his training proved beneficial when PTC was formed. “We started by supplying video and film crews and then it led to providing other services such as editing and transmission and we’ve just been growing steadily ever since but never with a business model that comes out of a MBA school; it’s always been responding to the requirement of clients to the best of our ability. To that end, we invest in whatever we think is the next step forward. We’re always the first to have the newest equipment. With HD now, the whole chain is respected; if the cameras are HD then the transmission is HD too and the editing in the middle. Our SNG is HD also.”

The company – which is an EBU one-stop-shop - has progressively grown so that it now has 14 fiber optic lines going in and out of the building. John said, “We can receive and transmit pretty well anywhere at any time and offer a solution to the client that makes sense. For major destinations it’s all fiber transmissions and for minor destinations the last link will go on satellite so we send to an uplink point either Telenor or GlobeCast.”

Contacts for Paris Television Centre:

10 avenue de la grande armée
75016 Paris

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24 Hours Monday to Sunday
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 55 37 17 55 / + 33 (0) 6 16 41 46 93
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