Documentary about historical ship wins Turkish company recognition at UK film festival

Istanbul, March 2020: BBA - a broadcast services company in Turkey - has achieved success with a film about an historic ferry, Halas, that for decades transported passengers across the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia.

Halas ship -- BBA documentary.
BBA  broadcast services makes Halas documentary.
The colourful history of the vessel was told in the documenatary 'Halas 100' which won second prize at the UK's Maritime Film Festival held in Suffolk.

Originally built as a passenger ferry for the Ottoman government, it was seized by the British Admiralty while undergoing construction after war broke out between Turkey and Britain. The vessel was used to carry troops and supplies onto the shore at Gallipoli. After the end of hostilities, the ship for many decades became a well-known sight on the Bosphorus as it ferried passengers from one side to the other. It was later rescued from the wreckers yard by a Turkish publisher and turned into a private luxury yacht.

A judge at the film festival described the documentary as "...a wonderful historical record of a ship throughout its life, almost death and then rebirth."

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