European newsgathering company sells one of its SNG trucks

 Europe, October 2019: The Mercedes left-hand-drive DSNG vehicle was registered in 2013 and has 125,000 kms on the clock. It's being sold for €43,000 ex-VAT.

The sale is being handled by Onvision whose contact details are:
Tel: +44 208 763 4198

SNG satellite truck for sale.


Mercedes 313 CDI
Built in 2013.
2 x Xicom XTD-400K HPAs
2 x MPEG 4 4:2:2 Encoders

Antenna 1,3m Vertical / 1,2m Horizontal
Antenna Manufacturer IGP Netherland ( Refurbished by IGP 2013 )
Antenna Controller IGP MSC03 & IGP L-2 LNA/LNB control unit
Max. EIRP 70.2 dBW
HPA Frequency Ext. Ku band (13.750 – 14.500 GHz)
HPA 1 Xicom XTD-400K ( TX hours 2131 / Lifetime hours 2959 )
HPA 2 Xicom XTD-400K ( TX hours 1057 / Lifetime hours 2601 )
Satellite Monitoring Capability Spectrum Analyser Swires ANNIE 204
Redundancy Capability 1+1 / 2+0
HD/SD Encoder 2 x ADTEC EN81, BISS, MPEG4/2, 4:2:0/4:2:2, 8 Audio CH
Audio Encoding MPEG1 L2, Dolby-E pass through, PCM, Linear
SD Encoders 2 x Tandberg E5740
HD/SD Decoder 1 x ADTEC RD-60, MPEG4/2
SD Decoder 1 x Tandberg RX1290
SD Decoder 1 x Tandberg TT1260
Modulator 2 x Tandberg E5740, IF out
Modulation mode DVB-S, DVB-S2, QPSK, 8PSK
Ku-band Up convertor 2 x Miteq U9696-3, Ext. Ku band 13.750 - 14.500 GHz

Video Matrix Blackmagic Videohub 16 x 32
Video Mixer Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio
Video Multiviewer Blackmagic
Video monitoring 2 x Blackmagic 7“, 2 x Samsung 27“
Video distribution 2 x AJA 3GDA Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

Audio Mixer Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio
Audio monitoring Blackmagic De embeder, 2 x Fostex
Communication Talkback system OSC Projects, (2 x GSM IFB)

Air condition Coleman Mach 1800 BTU
Jacks 2 x rear mechanical
Seats Co-driver rotating 180°, Office chair
Lighting LED lights / dimable
Heating Oil-filled electric radiator 2000W
Uplink approval Eutelsat, AM44
Car engine powered generator, 2 x Victron UPS battery system.
Power cable 75m ( 380V/32A, CEE )

Recorded on clock 125,000 km
Price Ex VAT €43,000
Vehicle is located in the EU, outside of UK

Tel +44 (0)208 763 4198

Interior of SNG satellite truck for sale.
Rear of SNG satellite vehicle for sale
DSNG satellite truck for sale.

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