Broadcast services group opens new studio facilities in Brussels and Berlin

 Brussels, March 2019: A TV studio located just in front of the EU Council and EU Commission buildings in Brussels has been opened by ALICE, the international division of the Lavinia Group.

ALICE: live TV broadcast studio in Brussels.
The facility is ideally located for correspondents covering the political dealings of the European Union.

The Led studio is equipped with two video screens and three robotic cameras (with the possibility of integrating a fourth camera) while the chromakey area has a 7m green wall ready to embed any live or recorded background.

The gallery, located just next to the studio, has been designed to comfortably accommodate a work team, which includes a TV director, audio and video mixer, as well as a lights and camera operators.

A centralised MCR located within the same facility is capable of managing outside video sources as well as embedding those in the led screens, whether they come from a satellite, fibre, IP or Internet.

ALICE: HD TV studio in Brussels.
ALICE: chromakey broadcast studio in Brussels.

Meanwhile in Berlin, ALICE's new office, located right in the midst of the financial and political hub, a few meters from the Bundestag, the Government Chancellery and Friedrichstraße Bahnhof, offers a perfect workspace both for permanent and special correspondents sent to the German capital.

ALICE: live HD broadcast TV studio in Berlin.

ALICE have designed a highly versatile space where journalists can use the office throughout the day as a base where to work, write, get phone calls and packages as well as a safe place where they can leave computers and equipment. An IP-connected chroma-key studio in the same office, available with several Berlin background options, is also expected to radically help in a regular work day in the city for any special or Berlin-Based correspondent.
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