Ruptly releases 80,000 video stories on industry-disrupting subscription model

Amsterdam, September 2018: Global video news agency Ruptly has unveiled a market-breaking move to enable access to all content on its platform in a new low-cost subscription model. Developed to democratize the video news industry and support emerging and mid-sized digital publishers, Ruptly PASS costs just €12.50 per month and gives users unlimited access to video and live events on the service.

80,000 branded videos are now available on with the Ruptly Pass subscription.

Ruptly news agency introduces new video subscription model.
Dinara Toktosunova, CEO of Ruptly, commented: “Ruptly PASS brings the greatest value to subscribers on the market today. We have innovated and changed the way we provide video content to support the growth of emerging and mid-sized digital publishers. By making our content more accessible, we’ve delivered an unprecedented market-breaking subscription model of only 12.50 euros per month; providing access to high-quality video without the high cost. We hope this will inspire talented publishers to strengthen their production, experiment with new video formats, and of course grow their audiences.”

Ruptly publishes an average of 40 new video stories daily, provided by a 3,000-strong network of video journalists from over 100 countries. In addition to video-on-demand, around five live events are streamed each day via the platform. A collection of award-winning 360-degree videos are included in the Ruptly PASS subscription.

“Our journalists are delivering stories that resonate with audiences around the world,” Toktosunova said. “We take state-of-the-art technology and make it user-friendly. By pioneering multi-feed live video streaming to client social media pages, we have simplified live delivery to a few clicks. We made panoramic video accessible via download, enabling dozens of media organizations to try out the format for the first time. All the while we continue reducing the need for specialist technical facilities on the subscriber side.”

For more information on Ruptly PASS you can:

• Register for the service here:
• Check out the promo video here:
• View a showreel of Ruptly content here:

Ruptly’s pioneering work has recently been recognized by The Drum Online Media Awards for ‘Best B2B News Site’ in 2017, ‘Commercial Team of the Year’ in 2018, and Ruptly LIVE was a finalist of both The Drum Online Media Awards and Global Media Innovator by the UN Diplomatic Council.

Since its launch five years ago, the digital video news agency has pioneered new technologies, delivery platforms and content. This includes being the first to deploy a drone over a war zone; delivering real-time drone video; and leading the market with the launch of a live platform that permits subscribers to up-pick as many as nine events at once and stream to various destinations, including 360-degree live coverage direct to social media platforms.
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