Trickbox TV heads to the beach with Primal Media's exciting new game show, The Wave

London, January 2018: Trickbox TV, a leading supplier of equipment and services for studio and location multi-camera productions for broadcast, video production, webcasting and live events, has announced that UK production company Primal Media has used its fly-away, multi-camera solution to record new game show, The Wave. 

Trickbox TV supplies OB flyaway solution for live transmissions of The Wave
Filmed on location in Portugal, Trickbox supplied Primal Media with a full OB fly-away solution including: a beach-based control room, five Sony HDC-1500 cameras, a 100:1 box lens; a boat-based RF camera set 300m – 400m from the shore; and the technical crew. The show sees pairs of contestants work together to win a cash prize. One contestant stays on the shore answering a series of questions with Rylan, whilst the other swims between six pontoons in the sea. If they get the question right, the pontoon earns them extra prize money, if they get it wrong they win a 1kg bag of pebbles to swim with to the next pontoon. But that’s not all; to win the money they then must race the clock to swim back to shore and join their partner.

“We chose Trickbox for this project based on their reputation,” says Fran Peters, Head of Production, Primal Media. “The solution that they offered was cost-effective and met all of our requirements.”

Liam Laminman, Managing Director, Trickbox TV adds, “We’re delighted to have won this project. Our multi-camera, fly-away is designed to provide a solution for low-cost, broadcast quality 4K/UHD or HD multi-camera productions. It can be set up and de-rigged in minutes and is the perfect fit for outside broadcast projects for any environment.”
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