Saudi Arabia has plans to launch an English-language news channel

 Jeddah, January 2018: The Saudi government has said it wishes to start an English-language news channel. It proposes changing Al Ekhbariya channel in to a limited liability company, owned by the Saudi Broadcasting Corp. (SBC) and the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Saudi Arabia to launch English-language news channel
The official spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Hani Al-Gahafili, said on Twitter: “The channel’s transformation into a company gives it flexibility in performance and enables it to achieve many goals. It will become a strong source of local news and will match its corresponding regional and global channels.”

According to the SPA: “The decision aims to develop the Arabic-language news channel and to launch an English-language news channel. The company will be able to develop its experience regarding events coverage, and follow-up of local and international news.”

Saudi Broadcasting Corporation:
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