Initial tests on C-COM's Ka-band iNmotion antenna prove "very positive"

Ottawa, August 2017: C-COM has been working closely with ViaSat to develop a cost-effective mass-producible Ka-band COTM antenna system. The antenna solution provides an “always-on” broadband connectivity directly to any vehicle and is ideally suited for SNG purposes.

C-Com's inMotion Ka-band antenna which is ideal for SNG uplink deployment.
The first Beta units will be undergoing additional tests at C-COM’s facilities in August. These antenna systems are expected to be approved on Exede® & KaSat HTS services in USA and Europe.

The initial results for the iNmotion have been very positive and the company is continuing compliance testing with Eutelsat over the summer. C-COM showed the system at NAB and it is currently writing a White Paper regarding the use of the system near Area 51 in Nevada. Full production and approvals for this system are expected in 2018.

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