AP expands UGC on Video Hub with Spectee collaboration

 London, June 2017: The Associated Press today announced a content collaboration with Spectee, the Tokyo-based online news agency that specializes in curating and publishing user-generated content in real time.

AP announces video collaboration with Spectee.
All AP Video Hub clients will be able to view Spectee’s video news content, which includes real-time news and entertainment events in Japan and worldwide. This adds a new dimension to the existing UGC already available through Video Hub.

By using artificial intelligence with their patented technologies, Spectee is able to considerably reduce the time taken to analyze and sort user-generated video and images on social media. All content is verified, with licenses acquired for publishing by broadcasters and digital publishers.

Paul Shanley, director of business development and partnerships at AP, said: “One of the highlights of Video Hub’s video content is the breadth of UGC footage that our clients are able to access. By adding UGC from Spectee, we can offer more variety through a wider range of Japanese and international content. Plus, Spectee’s innovative artificial intelligence approach considerably accelerates the time taken to source, verify and publish their UGC footage.”

Kenjiro Murakami, founder and CEO at Spectee, said: “Working with AP provides us with an excellent opportunity to broaden the international reach of our user-generated video news content. For AP clients who already rely on the Video Hub platform for sourcing UGC, they will find Spectee news content is a valuable real-time resource for their Japanese and international news reporting.”

AP Video Hub launched in 2012 to address the increase in demand from online publishers for video news.

The platform was an industry first, giving AP customers access to world news, entertainment, sport and lifestyle video, as well as combining breaking news with relevant footage from AP’s historical archive. The result was the development of richer online storytelling for digital publishers, many of whom lack the technical infrastructure to handle satellite news feeds.

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