Globecast offers media asset management services to broadcasters, content creators

GlobeCast has reached agreements with several post-production and digital media service companies in America, Asia and Europe that will allow its existing and future clients to connect the post-production aspect of their workflows with the company’s Media Asset Management and delivery services, effectively becoming part of a Digital Ecosystem.

SDI Media Group, Bigfoot Entertainment, Broadway Video Digital Media, Medi-LAN , Infinite Frameworks, re:fine, TVT and Éclair-Télétota are the first providers to have agreed to connect with GlobeCast, and many more are currently in discussion with the content management and delivery company.

The immediate benefit to content creators and broadcasters is the ability to streamline processes and workflows. A client working on aspects of their post-production with providers in GlobeCast’s Digital Ecosystem can now connect editors at those facilities to GlobeCast’s Media Asset Management platform to easily, quickly and very cost-effectively create regional versions of content at playout centers around the world. This is done using either fiber links or advanced file transfer programs such as GlobeCast Content Exchange.

The creation of this Digital Ecosystem involved interconnecting GlobeCast’s playout centers in Singapore, London, Miami and Paris via the company’s fiber network - the GlobeCast Backbone Network. The connection of these facilities means that clients can seamlessly ingest content in one part of the world, and playout regionalized versions of the content on multiple platforms in another part of the world. Along the way, using NETIA’s Content Management System, the content can also be archived for future use or transcoded for distribution to multiple platforms (VoD, Broadband/Web TV, Mobile TV, etc).

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