ACTAMEDYA promotes its services at the Global Satshow in Istanbul

Istanbul, December 2016: The broadcast services company, ACTAMEDYA, along with its solution partners, Kamera Teknik, Skynet Stream, Zero Density and OttoMam, promoted their facilities at this week's Global Satshow in Istanbul.

ACTAMEDYA participates in the Global Satshow in Istanbul.
The two-day event attracted participants from the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe, and elsewhere. ACTAMEDYA updated visitors as to its state-of-the-art technology facilities and services in broadcasting. Ultra HD (4K) advances made by ACTAMEDYA was of great interest to both broadcasters and manufacturers.

Kamera Teknik demonstrated its motion crane, which records the movements in its memory, and repeats them at the requested speed maintaining fast, effective and easy coverage of scenes, especially for movies and TV Shows.

Skynet Stream informed visitors about their video delivery network which provides end-to end Cloud TV. Other services provided by Skynet Stream are: High Definition live streaming, on demand, storage, monitoring and analytics, encoding and transcoding services.

Zero Density attracted attention with two products. One of them was Reality, which is the most photorealistic virtual studio solution in today’s broadcast industry. Reality has a powerful integrated toolset that provides solutions for all types of virtual studio production workflows. Reality got full marks from the participants in terms of image quality, operation speed, keying quality and lots of other aspects.

The other product by Zero Density was OttoMam, a Digital Media Asset Management which allows users to store images, coverage, documents in hightest quality and fetch information effectively through features such as HTML5 interfaces, integrated job engine, multi-node transcoding, and frame accurate video player.

ACTAMEDYA had the opportunity to develop new relationships with satellite providers and manufacturers, while promoting its turn-key solutions in terms of coverage, graphics, media asset management, special cameras, Ultra HD (4K) and virtual reality studios.

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