OnScene.tv uses JVC's new camera to deliver faster breaking news

Wayne, NJ, October 2016: [Source: JVC] OnScene.tv is using the JVC GY-HM850 ProHD camera to shoot and deliver breaking news footage faster than the competition, according to JVC Professional Video. Anthony Carrasco, operations director for the OnScene.tv San Diego branch, said the camera’s low-light performance, combined with its lightweight, shoulder-mount form factor and use of non-proprietary SDHC and SDXC media cards, is “revolutionary” for the competitive industry.

JVC GY-HM850 ProHD video camera for live streaming.
With offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, OnScene.tv provides breaking news and news conference footage to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox News, as well as regional and local news channels. Working out of customized cars with up to eight police scanners and a laptop mounted next to the driver’s seat, shooters drive to news sites and shoot video that can be delivered quickly to clients.

Carrasco has been using one of OnScene.tv’s three new GY-HM850s since June. The camera offers multiple native recording formats to support a variety of file-based workflows. Carrasco, for example, shoots .MOV files and is able to drag his files directly to a Final Cut Pro timeline for export without waiting for transcoding. “That is huge,” he added. “It gives us such an advantage over the competition. It completely changed the game.”

Another competitive advantage is the camera’s built-in HD streaming engine, which allows OnScene.tv to transmit live footage directly from the camera using a 4G LTE modem or hotspot. JVC’s exclusive dual codec design allows the GY-HM850 to transmit live HD footage or transfer files in the background while the shooter continues to record footage in their normal workflow.

Carrasco uses the live stream regularly to share content with clients. Even if the footage is not used live by producers, it provides them the opportunity to review the footage in real time. “That’s incredibly valuable,” he added. “I don’t need a backpack system to share these live shots.”

For Carrasco, a shoulder-mount camcorder is a requirement, and he said the GY-HM850 is a big improvement over heavier cameras he’s used in the past. “That has to be the biggest upgrade from other cameras I’ve used,” he explained. “Having a shoulder-mount camera this light with controls positioned so perfectly has made it a winner in my book.”

The GY-HM850 includes three, 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors with F11 sensitivity, as well as a removable Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens. Carrasco praised the camera’s image quality, and said OnScene.tv is moving to standardize on the GY-HM850. “The color accuracy is just fantastic, and the audio is amazing on it,” he said.

JVC: http://pro.jvc.com
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