Multimedia journalists trained in Georgia thanks to Eurovision Academy

Geneva, October 2016: Georgian Member GPB's second masterclass in multimedia journalism developed by the Eurovision Academy has just finished in Tblisi.

24 journalists in Georgia have undergone training from the Eurovision Academy.
24 journalists have undergone 25 days of training since the course was established in partnership with the EBU in 2015.

Writing to the head of the Eurovision Academy, Nathalie Labourdette, the director general of GPB George Baratashvili thanked the EBU for their help setting up the programme:

“We would like to say many thanks to the Academy for sending qualified trainers to Georgia, who managed to give our staff qualified preparation in a short amount of time. Now our trainers are conducting training for journalists in other countries as well.”

He continued: “For us — a post-soviet country, it’s especially important that our journalists share European experience. That’s why the European Broadcasting Union Journalism Academy training centre was opened by the Georgian Public Broadcaster. First, it prepared our employees as trainers and then the certified trainers started to prepare our modern journalists.”

Since 2012, the Eurovision Academy has developed national Journalism Academies with 3 EBU Members: ENRS (Algeria), BNR (Bulgaria), GPB (Georgia). A new Academy at RTK in Kosovo will begin training journalists this month.

For each broadcaster the Eurovision Academy has trained 10 journalists who in turn are training more journalists in their country. The training has already had an impact on the quality of the news produced by Members and helps their news teams to reach international standards.
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