Turkish news agency covers the military operation in Mosul

Mosul, October 2016: Dogan News Agency (DHA) has sent live transmission facilities to the Mosul area to cover the Iraqi military operation against ISIS.

DHA sends SNG satellite truck to Mosul area.
DHA - which is new to promoting its services on TVZ - is offering live shots and tape playout facilities. The company's SNG uplinking team is located near to the city. 

The news agency is one of the largest in Turkey and possesses a fleet of SNG satellite trucks as well as live broadcast studios.

To find out more information about the company's newsgathering facilities in the Mosul area, please contact:

DHA Bookings:

Tel: +90 212 413 52 52 / +90 212 413 52 54
Email: bookings@dha.com.tr

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