Kosovan broadcaster RTK hit by severe flooding at its studios

Geneva, July 2016: The EBU has been alarmed to hear about the perilous position of Kosovan broadcaster RTK following serious flooding at their studios this week.

RTK in Kosovo hit by flooding
Radio Television Kosovo is now working in a state of emergency after heavy rainfall led to the evacuation of staff and forced RTK2 and RTK3 to temporarily broadcast archive material.

The flooding highlights the property issues that RTK have been struggling with for many years with their channels operating from improvised offices since 2013. According to the current law, it is the responsibility of Parliament to decide on a permanent home for the broadcaster.

Director General of RTK Mentor Shala said: “This situation clearly shows the state that RTK was left in by State Institutions.”

RTK was established by the EBU in 1999 following the Kosovo War at the request of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. It now operates as a successful independent public service broadcaster and has a Service Agreement with the EBU for strategic, professional and legal assistance.

EBU Senior Project Manager Radka Betcheva said: “We would encourage the Kosovan state to find a long-term solution to housing RTK in appropriate accommodation so they can focus on their public service remit which is so vital for democracy in Kosovo."

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