EBU appeals to prime minister to 'rescue' BHRT in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Geneva, July 2016: EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdi─ç to ask for decisive action in resolving the financial crisis of BHRT.

EBU asks prime minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina to resolve financial crisis at BHRT.
EBU Member BHRT is under severe financial pressure and recently announced it would be forced to stop broadcasting without the implementation of a solid financial plan agreed with the local authorities.

In the letter, Ms Deltenre explains that, "the EBU had postponed its sanction towards BHRT, envisaged for 8 June, understanding the severe difficulties that our Member is encountering and hoping that the extra time would allow the authorities to find a solution to its financial difficulties. The EBU also did not want to deprive the Bosnian audience from watching the Euro 2016 and deny the broadcaster from all its rights."

In May, the EBU announced it was owed over CHF 6 million by the broadcaster - a debt which continues to grow since BiH has committed to substantial future FIFA, UEFA and Swimming sports events for the years 2017 to 2022.

Given recent developments, the EBU cannot allow this level of indebtedness and future exposure to continue. As a not-for-profit member organization, it cannot allow the debts of BHRT to continue to accumulate at the expense of fellow broadcasters across Europe.

Under these circumstances, the EBU will have to discontinue all Member services to BHRT, including the news exchange and sports rights, if an urgent solution to the financial situation and debts of BHRT is not found.

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre further writes that “the EBU hopes that the PM together with the relevant authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina will find a solution and enable the democratic role of public service media which is important in the negotiation process of the country for accession in the European Union."

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