New Albanian director-general embarks on reforms at broadcaster

 Geneva, June 2016: The new Director General of RTSH Thoma Gellçi has met with representatives of the EBU Director General's office.

Reforms to be made at RTSH in Albania.
Gellçi became Director General of RTSH in May having worked in the media for many years. He is keen to embark on reforms at RTSH and regain people’s trust in this important democratic institution.

Gellçi will introduce a new structure and new strategy at RTSH to promote a more efficient workflow and higher quality content. By modernizing public service media and introducing new platforms, Gellçi hopes the broadcaster will be able to better serve citizens throughout the country and not just those in the capital. He is committed to implementing the EBU values and will be working closely with the organization, particularly the Partnership Programme, in the forthcoming months.

Senior EBU Manager Radka Betcheva said: “Last year, the EBU signed a memorandum of understanding with RTSH and the OSCE to support the reform of public service broadcasting in the country. We have gone on to provide extensive support to RTSH including professional, strategic, legal and technical advice and we are looking forward to continuing this cooperation.”

Gellçi has been invited to visit the EBU in Geneva and to attend the General Assembly in December.
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