Ikegami debuts UHK-430 4K native portable camera at NAB

New Jersey, February 2016: Ikegami (www.ikegami.com) a leader in HD cameras and production equipment for TV broadcasters, networks, and other HD content creators, will introduce the UHK-430 4K camera at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas.

Ikegami UHK-430 camera
Designed for use in the studio and field, the UHK-430 provides Ikegami's superb imagery in true 4K. It features three 2/3-inch 4K (3840x2160) CMOS sensors with RGB prism optics, for "Real 4K" resolution from 24 million pixels (8 million per sensor).

Equipped with the new chip DSP ASIC for low power and new processing features, the Ikegami UHK-430 attains 16-axis color correction. It also enables i-Log, the Ikegami log transfer characteristic for HDR (high dynamic range). The UHK-430 is capable of 40Gbps transmission using standard SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable with uncompressed 4:4:4 resolution RGB transmission of the 4K video signal, also five HD channels from CCU to camera including multiple RET video and two HD prompter video channels, plus one HD trunk channel from camera to CCU.

In addition, a Gigabit Ethernet connection is available on the Ikegami UHK-430 camera for external use. There are simultaneous 4K and 2K outputs from the CCU, with available 2K cutout from the 4K output. A plug-in output module allows for flexible 4K signal formats including Quad 3G, 12G, and IP.

The Ikegami UHK-430's standard 2/3-inch bayonet lens mount is compatible with existing lenses, along with a compact profile camera head, which provides improved balance and vision for portable use. Its two-piece camera construction allows the sensor unit to be exchanged, for such scenarios as a separate sensor unit for a jib and other special applications; a large optical format unit for a cine look depth-of-focus; or a high frame rate (HFR) unit for smooth slo-mo replay.

Three color viewfinders are available for the UHK-430, one for portable use and two for studio use. The new 7-inch full HD resolution studio viewfinder provides the extra resolution for critical focus, and the 7.4-inch OLED viewfinder provides superb response speed for fast motion. Both studio viewfinders can be mounted to the camera or to Ikegami's large lens sled - the SE-U430 System Expander.

Camera control is available from a range of OCPs and MCPs via network (Ethernet or Arcnet) or direct connection. Control is compatible with existing Ikegami camera control systems.

"As 4K production continues to accelerate, our customers have been eager for an Ikegami camera that is native to the format," says Teri Zastrow, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ikegami. "The UHK-430 is the solution for Real 4K with the look only Ikegami can deliver."

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