Tens of thousands to become citizen journalists for one day

An organisation called One Day on Earth is encouraging tens of thousands of people to become citizen journalists for a single day in October.

The idea is to create a "time capsule" of daily life on the planet on 10.10.2010 seen through the eyes of a wide spectrum of camera operators scattered throughout the world.

Project founder Kyle Ruddick told TVZ that the video reports are expected to be very varied. Some people might film their daily goings-on, while others might wish to tell the world about a burning issue.

The amateur film-makers will be asked to upload their video files onto a web server which can then be viewed via the "One Day On Earth" website. Currently the organisation is talking to prospective partners who will be able to supply video hosting services.

The project is being supported by the Creative Visions Foundation and various NGO groups. Kyle said, "As of today, everyone has donated their time; there is no sponsor and no outside influences."
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