ITM exclusively covers veteran Japanese filmmaker's major speech

Tokyo, July 2015: When renowned filmmaker and animator, Hayao Miyazaki criticised his government's plans to allow Japanese armed forces to play a greater role overseas, an ITM camera crew was there to exclusively film the event.

Oscar-winner Miyazaki was speaking in Tokyo on July 13th at a meeting hosted by the Foreign Corresponents' Club of Japan which was streamed live over the internet.

Material shot by ITM was distributed not only to foreign broadcasters and international news agencies but also to the major Japanese broadcasters.

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ITM Tokyo camera crew covering Hayao Miyazaki press conference Video production by ITM at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo
(Left to Right) ITM cameraman, Futa Nagao, 
Hayao Miyazaki and ITM owner, Tomoo Itoh.
The ITM team filmed exclusive TV coverage of
Hayao Miyazaki's press conference in Tokyo.

ITM camera crew in charge of video and streaming production in Tokyo

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