Globecast provides distribution services for the 28th SEA Games

Singapore, July 2015 : Globecast has announced that it has supplied distribution services for ten broadcasters covering the recent SEA (South East Asian) Games. Globecast was contracted by HBS, the Production Partner of MediaCorp, official media partner and host broadcaster to provide distribution.

Satellite uplinking by Globecase at the SEA Games in Singapore.
The 28th occurrence of the Games saw this major sporting event return to Singapore after a 22-year gap. 36 sports and 402 events featured in the eleven-day spectacle including more unusual sports like wushu, sepak takraw and wakeboarding.

Globecast facilitated the distribution of ten channels to regional host broadcasters across Asia, creating two multiplexes onsite at the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC), one with six channels (in 36 MHz) and one with four (in 24 MHz). These were then uplinked via a 4.5m dish at the IBC dish farm using NS3 modulation.

HBS Project Director Daniel Wlochovski, said, “Since the start of the project, it has been a pleasure to work with an experienced team who are always responsive and solution-oriented. We initiated the discussions with Globecast with a very open scope, due to our lack of reference in the requirements for this type of event. But we managed, during the development of the project, to design with them an operation that meets the technical and operational constraints while offering sufficient flexibility to cater for latecomers. The satellite set-up put in place offers, for the first time at the SEA Games, full HD transmissions through a cost-effective approach.”

Liz McParland, Commercial Director Contribution at Globecast, says, “As well as the highly effective distribution technology, we also supplied an onsite technical team, a mix of engineers from the UK and from Asia as well as a coordinator. We are very pleased to have been chosen by HBS for this venture as events on this scale require a level of technical and logistical expertise that we have honed over many years. We are glad that has been recognised.”

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