France 24 journalist seriously wounded while covering clashes in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand:   France 24 say parts of the Thai capital have become “extremely dangerous and unpredictable” for journalists to operate in, following the shooting today (May 14) of one of their correspondents, Nelson Rand, while covering anti-government demonstrations.

France 24 Senior Producer, Derek Thomson, said Canadian-born Nelson Rand was hit by three bullets – one of them puncturing the femoral artery in his leg, causing heavy bleeding. A cameraman from a local TV station was also reportedly shot in the leg.

Nelson Rand

Derek told TVZ that Nelson was covering the clashes between the security forces and ‘Red Shirt’ protesters when shooting erupted. He said, “Everyone took cover but Nelson was hit by bullets. One of them struck his left hand, another hit his abdomen and the third struck his femoral artery. This was very serious as he lost a lot of blood. He was taken to hospital where he underwent four hours of surgery. He’s now in intensive care but out of danger.”

France 24 is despatching to Bangkok a senior producer – equipped with flak jacket and helmet – to take care of Nelson. Derek said, “Our immediate and only concern is for his health.”

Nelson Rand’s colleague, Cyril Payen, is continuing to report from the Thai capital.

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