‘Word of mouth’ recommendations boost sales for Adtec Digital’s video encoders

London, October 2014: The video encoder manufacturer, Adtec Digital, says sales to European SNG operators have been greatly helped by users’ testimonials.

“Word of mouth has been a huge benefit for us,” says Mike Armstrong, sales manager for the UK and northern Europe. “Once people learn about the advantages of our system, they jump on board very quickly. The testimonials come from people who’ve used all the systems out there and who know what they’re talking about.”

Adtec’s latest encoder is the EN-30 which is tailor-made for the satellite newsgathering industry. “It’s a 4:2:0 system and is perfect for newsgathering,” said Mike. “It’s dual-channel with a built-in mux and it’s very cost effective. It’s paired with our RD-30 receiver.”

He added, “When you talk to clients, they gush about how much they like our GUI, simply because it’s so easy to use.”

Adtec has been targeting both large and small SNG operators and has had success across the Continent, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. “We’re doing very well across mainland Europe,” said Mike, “and at this last IBC we picked up a lot of new enquiries.”

Historically, Adtec has been regarded as a competitive and aggressive player in the SNG market-place. It was the first company to launch a 1RU encoder, initially in the US. “We hit the market very hard and very fast,” said Mike. “SNG guys said, ‘Hey, suddenly we can save ourselves a lot of space in our encoding rack.’ Not only that but while our competitor’s encoder price was $65,000 we were selling ours for $30,000! Of course, they had to drop their price very quickly to compete, while we stole market share.”

Nowadays, competition in the SNG encoder market is tougher than it’s ever been. Adtec’s response has been to stick to its principles of offering easy-to-use products at very cost-effective prices. At the same time, it’s planning to launch in the coming months new encoders to cater for new technologies.

“We are working on what everyone else is working on: UHD and 4K,” said Mike. “In fact, earlier this year we were involved in the 4K transmission of ‘War Horse’ from the New London Theatre; this was the world’s first live theatrical 4K event transmitted to a paying audience."

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