IHA London Unveils Outdoor Acrylic Studio

Following the success of IHA’s floating studio on board the HMS President we have created a secondary acrylic studio for our top deck stand up positions.

The acrylic studio means we can broadcast from outside, in front of the Gherkin building or Tower Bridge without being effected by the weather. It also means that, because of our dual path uplink, we are able to do two lives comfortably from the

The British climate is famously unpredictable. We often have windy days and rain showers which make it difficult to broadcast outside for very long at a time. We have solved this problem by making a custom built, temporary studio that can be
easily moved to different stand up positions on the ship's top deck.

The studio is made of clear acrylic which protects the reporter from wind, rain or snow without obscuring the view.

The studio fits one reporter plus a camera crew, a lighting rig can be fitted to allow night shoots.

See the new studio.
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