SIS LIVE collaborates with Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) on new ManPak®100

April 2014, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom: Satellite product design specialist SIS LIVE and wireless technologies expert Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) have collaborated on SIS LIVE’s latest cutting edge VSAT product, ManPak®100.

SIS LIVE has developed an innovative tripod style satellite terminal, integrated with BSI’s market leading Real Freedom™ COFDM platform. This system allows ManPak®100 units to capture live video feeds from a camera transmitter from a radius of approximately 1.5km via a small COFDM transmitter mounted on a camera and integral receiver located within the ManPak®100 terminal. This source can then be transmitted via a Ka or Ku band satellite of choice back to base.

The integrated COFDM receiver means that no cabling is required to connect to a camera, giving users the Real Freedom™ to capture images from mobile sources which could include everything from HD broadcast cameras, miniature body-worn cameras, to airborne drone EO/IR cameras. The integration of these two cutting-edge technologies provides all the necessary connectivity in one ruggedised, waterproof package, with no decoding / recoding required from camera through to destination.

Martyn Hopkins, Product Sales Director, SIS LIVE said, “We are pleased to have worked with BSI to develop the cutting-edge ManPak®100 product. As specialists in the wireless/RF connectivity field BSI has brought a vast technical knowledge and a market-leading product range which perfectly complement SIS LIVE’s expertise in satellite communications. Through this collaboration we have developed ManPak®100, an exciting new product which integrates all the technologies our customers have been asking for into one package.”

“The technology of our Real Freedom™ system has allowed us to collaborate closely and partner with SIS LIVE on this exciting new product,” explains BSI (UK) Managing Director, Lee Norton. “We have worked together to provide one of the most innovative and easy-to-use products of its kind in the market with connectivity for all remote situations.”

The ManPak®100 leads the way in the next generation of satellite terminals. This 1m and 1.2m antenna comes with a revolutionary control case which makes the acquisition of satellites simple, even for non-technical users, through the use of two simple wheels controlling the azimuth and elevation, and an award winning graphical user interface (GUI). ManPak®100 also features a connection and integrated housing for a high-grade encryption device. ManPak®100 is low-cost, incredibly quick to deploy, and can be on a satellite in less than 5 minutes.

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