TV2GO in HD Satellite Breakthrough for NFL

TV2GO Inc has just performed the first live HD uplink test on 32-APSK in a 9MHz satellite slot. Technical Director Adrian Hepes headed the team that pulled off this technical feat designed to save TV2GO's broadcast clients a lot of money in the future.

They transmitted the American football playoff game between Minnesota and New Orleans in 1080i/50 High Definition and Dolby Sound live to Viasat in Denmark and IMG London.

Using just 9MHz of satellite space segment on New Skies 7, the TV2GO engineers were able to achieve an astounding MPEG4 data rate of 30.229 Mbit/s using DVB-S2 32APSK modulation.

Keeping costs down isn't the only motivation. TV2GO client Susanna Mantello of SM2 Sports Media Solutions explains: "Faced with a growing demand in Europe and Asia for high quality North American HD Sports content, but a scarcity of trans-Atlantic satellite space, this success is a major breakthrough. It points the way forward for the NFL and other sports leagues". SM2 has a full-time lease on NSS-7 for 18MHz. "The ability to uplink up to three contribution-quality HD games on that space segment is critical to grow the traffic. I'm very happy with this breakthrough by my technical partner TV2GO."

The team worked closely with Sander Van Leeuwen of Newtec Europe, which manufactured the modulators used by TV2GO and supplied the demodulators to IMG and Viasat.

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