HD growth in India

Television is booming in India with more than 500 channels now catering to viewers of news, sports and entertainment.

Essel Shyam - which has just begun promoting its broadcast services on TVZ - is the largest independent DSNG and teleport provider in India.

Sanjay Duda, Executive VP Marketing & Sales, says the company constantly has to adapt in order to keep in front of the fast-changing industry.

One of the big developments over the past year has been the growth of HD. Sanjay said, "Most of the sports events are now being transmitted in high definition."

In newsgathering there's been an increasing use of cellular 3G bonding backpacks. Sanjay said, "In the 2 Mb/s SD segment of the market, about 25% of newsgathering is now being done through these backpacks. But 80% continues to be done through satellite-based SNGs."

Essel Shyam caters to all areas of the market. It not only builds DSNG vehicles and supplies them to broadcasters in India and neighbouring countries but supplies production and transmission facilities at major events in India.


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