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16.02.2017Iraq: Dozens killed by car bomb in Baghdad *** ARCHIVE


huge explosion in Baghdad today killed 32 person at least and many injured in car market .

Links is operational in Baghdad and Erbil and ready to provide:

- Live studio
- Live stand up
- SNG Crew

for more info don't hesitate to contact us on:

Email: - mob: +970 595880097 - Tel : 009702822491

IHA News Agency

IHA is operational in Baghdad
-Stand-up facilities available
-Studio facilities available

Technical facilities on site
Live Stand-up Positions
Tape playouts: Beta SP/SX, DVC pro, PAL and NTSC
16:9 or 4:3 camera
Studio and Editing facilities
Eutelsat 10A delivery

For Booking please contact the following number
+90 212 454 29 00 (Istanbul)
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