Lyon, France: Bilingual News Journalist, German language - Euronews

Job Vacancy: 
Bilingual News Journalist, German language - Euronews (M/F)

Lyon, France

Your mission:
You cover target stories on varied themes, driven by the news.

You have significant experience in television, and is equally able to work in TV and on digital platforms, in line with Euronews’ editorial values and producing packages that meet high quality standards. You are fully responsible for the quality and accuracy of the news delivered.

You may also make occasional contributions to live coverage by your own language service, or as an expert on the other services, whether TV or digital platforms.

You are responsible for the complete production of the package, and carries out all associated tasks (editorial selection of footage, editing, infographics, script, voicing production, and mixing). These packages have the distinctive feature that the same journalist also delivers them across all digital media, adapting and supplementing the content in order to supply the digital publication channels, including social media.

During your shift, you report to the Editor of the Day of your language service and functionally to a lead Editor of the Day appointed within the team.

Job Details/Apply:

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