Sydney, Australia: National Editor - SBS News

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National Editor - SBS News

Sydney, Australia

About the role

We’re looking for a senior journalist capable of inspiring, initiating, commissioning and delivering a daily national news agenda.

This is a key leadership and editorial role in our cross platform national newsroom, based in Sydney, responsible for assigning and overseeing national news and feature content that provides the depth and insight into significant issues for which SBS has become renowned. We expect the highest editorial standards and a commitment to SBS’s Charter responsibilities to promote understanding and acceptance of Australia’s cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity.

The role leads SBS’s coverage of domestic events with a primary focus on national affairs including Australian politics, economic, social, multicultural and indigenous issues on a daily basis. You will initiate and oversee story planning of compelling and relevant domestic content to an Australian audience that continues to evolve from a multicultural and indigenous perspective.

You will assign and manage on a daily basis a team of journalists in Sydney, Canberra and other state capitals working across platforms, as well as assigning camera crews to cover domestic news events.

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