London, UK: Reporter / Presenter - Sky Sports News

Job Vacancy: Reporter / Presenter - Sky Sports News (12m FTC)

Location: London, UK

Closing Date: 20th September 2019

"You'll play a key role in our national and international news-gathering. A key figure in the newsroom and on- the-road, you'll be expected to deliver breaking news, big-name interviews and original journalism" ~ Associate Editor, Sky Sports News

You will:

Work as on-screen presenter on Europe’s leading 24-hour sports news channel, delivering up to date news on live programmes. You will be expected to work closely with various production teams having an input into creating and delivering running orders.

  • Present Sky Sports News bulletins and different strands across Sky Sports News linear programming.
  • Present Multi-Platform content across different digital & social platforms.
  • Deliver new and original journalism and break high profile stories, as well as providing commentary and analysis on the big sporting issues.
  • Work closely with production teams to ensure complicated and picture-light stories are delivered in the most interesting and informative way.
  • Liaise with senior output staff to ensure story telling remains creative, interesting and innovative and makes best use of technology.

Job Details/Apply: 
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