London, UK: Digital Producer - CGTN Europe

Job Vacancy: 
Digital Producer - CGTN Europe

London, UK

In this role you will work as directed by the Executive Producer of Digital to fulfil the editorial mission of the digital team and its work with the overall operation of CGTN. You may also be directed by assigned senior producers.

Your duties may vary according to shift patterns and news demands and as workflow and demands on the entire team become clearer as we move from a start-up operation to a more mature and fully integrated newsroom. Flexibility is essential.

All members of the team are expected to bring the full extent of your experience and knowledge to bear on the role to the benefit of the entire team. Your expertise in specific areas – such as video, copy editing, reporting or social media-- may mean you focus on some of those areas more than others but you will have exposure to all functions.

Among the duties you can expect are:
  • Curate, edit and write news stories - combining appropriate text, video, photography, audio and infographics - for publication on and CGTN Europe websites, working to the Executive Producer Digital Media CGTN Europe.
  • Demonstrate experience in writing clean, accurate copy to deadline, while producing content that is creative and engaging for a global audience.
  • Copy-editing skills and the readiness to subject your own and other’s copy to critical examination and improvement are important.
  • Monitor breaking and developing news to edit and publish through a disciplined workflow process of creating, editing and pre-publish editing under pressure.
  • Pitch and produce original and distinctive stories.
  • Be proficient in desktop editing.
  • Work with designers, video editors and developers under tight time constraints.
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and proficiency in the latest digital technology and systems across websites and social media platforms.
  • Thrive under pressure, especially in a “start-up” broadcast centre environment.
  • Be able to work irregular hours and an extended schedule as the news cycle demands.
  • Excel at work within a culturally and ethnically diverse staff.

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