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Singapore: Cameraman/Senior Cameraman, Production Resource - Mediacorp

Job Vacancy: 
Cameraman/Senior Cameraman, Production Resource - Mediacorp


To provide camera works, setup and camera operation in broadcast standard environment for all TV Production, OB and Studios events.

Job Description
  • Ensure the camera system is set up according to the production plan which include the optical, electronic special effects and autocue system.
  • Perform creative camera work and able to offer alternative angles for production needs whenever required on various operational modes (i.e Tracks, Tripods, or Handheld). Knowledge in Jibs, Underwater and Steady Camera.
  • Work with stakeholders during production to ensure best visuals are captured i.e. camera position, techniques and angles of shots, and ability to problem solve on the spots to ensure output quality not compromised.
  • Keep up to date with industry filming methods and equipment, receptive of innovating ways of filming.

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